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This page contains content of an NSFW nature. If you are under the age of 18 or are otherwise uncomfortable with NSFW material, do not continue.

Hi, I'm Yami

I'm a former dancer and a courtesan for various ERP venues in Final Fantasy XIV. Click the buttons below to find out more!

About Me

Name: Himitsu Yami (But please, call me Yami)
Age: 22
Race: Xaela Au'ra
Gender: Female
Services: Former Dancer, Former Courtesan, Friend to those willing to talk
Orientation: Bi leaning les
Preference: Au'ra and Miqo are preferred but will take anyone
Dom/Sub: Sub
Kinks Allowed: Most things
Hard limits: Blood and ageplay are both hard "no"s for me. Anything else should be alright as long as you don't intentionally make things weird.
Availability: Any time you see me with my tag on at a venue. If you see me out and about feel free to message me though!
Note: Know what you want when you hire me and be prepared to take charge


ServicePrice per IncrementIncrementNotes
Courtesan100k30 MinutesFor the first person. Half price for each additional participant.
Voyeur25kSession Voyeurs are an additional 25k per voyeur per session and will be restricted to viewing only.
Dancer25k15 MinutesNegotiable
Friend0 gilLifetime♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Please note that prices may vary between venues, these are my personal prices but if a venue has their own pricing system I will defer to their system.


I work/have worked as a dancer/courtesan at several different venues across Eorzea.

Twilight Dreams — Former Manager
Seven Circles — Courtesan
The Nest (website)— Former Dancer

I also have several other venues I don't work at but would highly recommend anyway!

The Laundry (website)
Roehaus (website) — Owned by close friend ♥
Succubares Insomnium
rEVILations (website)
Booty House

Contact Me

You can contact me in game at Himitsu Yami@Faerie
Or on Discord at 秘密の闇#0001. You can also use the Discord icon below!

If you really need to reach me for something there's this form here. (I think)